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Mohawk Arms’ Militaria #88 Auction will be held live online in Bouckville, NY on December 17

Oil portrait of Geli Raubel, the daughter of Adolf Hitler’s half-sister, commissioned by Hitler, who fell in love with her from their very first meeting in 1928 (MB: $7,500).
Mohawk Arms, Inc.

BOUCKVILLE, NY – Historically significant examples of militaria spanning multiple conflicts and generations from multiple collections – including items from one of Adolf Hitler’s finest collections assembled since 1945 – will be offered for sale in Militaria Auction #88, a online and gallery auction scheduled for Saturday, December 17, by Mohawk Arms, at 9 a.m. EST.

The catalog is packed with items that will appeal to seasoned collectors and novices alike, online and live at the Route 20 gallery in Bouckville, upstate New York. The full catalog will soon be available at, as well as and

Headlining the auction is the collection of Donald G. Brownlow, who arrived in Normandy with the second of the American troops storming Utah Beach during World War II. By the end of the war, he had earned five battle stars, had been wounded in the “Bulge”, had been captured by the Nazis and had escaped, had reached the rank of major and accumulated the evidence used in the trials for Nuremberg war crimes.

Upon returning to the United States, Brownlow pursued a teaching career, built up a serious collection, wrote ten history books, and visited German military figures on annual trips to Europe. He formed friendships with Hasso von Manteuffel, Leni Riefenstahl and Adolf Galland, Admiral Donitz, Lucile Jodl, Luftwaffe and Navy (U-Boat) Knight’s Cross recipients, and other notables of the Second World War.

Hitler-related items in Mr. Brownlow’s collection include a Fuhrerstandarte gold bar, a 1910 Adolf Hitler signed watercolor with Peter Jahn provenance, a portrait of Hitler by Fritz Erler, a portrait of Geli Raubel, Hitler’s silverware and crockery, linens, china, crystal, glassware, a signed letter and personal documents and items, and a standard “Deutschland Erwache”.

Adolf Hitler’s original watercolor depicting the Schottenkirche on the Freyung (part of old Vienna), signed “A. Hitler” lower right and dated “1910”. It surfaced in 1974 (MB: 12 $000).
Mohawk Arms, Inc.

Also on sale will be General Hasso von Manteuffel’s Oak Leaves/Swords (with provenance), General Patton’s Collar Stars (with provenance), a Mexican Palace Guard Helmet circa 1910, items from Pearl Harbor, American Civil War swords/leatherware/battlefield relics, Imperial German helmets and swords, daggers, swords, helmets/headgear, medals, bracers and books.

Perhaps the rarest item in the collection is the Third Reich Führer Standarte, which only flew in the presence of Adolf Hitler, the Führer and the Reichskanzler. The 39 inch by 38 inch rich red field features a stunning design of a black silk static swastika within a high relief gold bar and gold leaf wreath. The Standarte, with letter of provenance, has a minimum bid of $50,000.

Adolf Hitler’s original watercolor Schottenkirche on the Freyung (part of ancient Vienna) is considered by the famous authenticator Peter Jahn to be one of Hitler’s greatest and best paintings, exhibiting his skill in architectural drawing. The painting is signed “A. Hitler” lower right and dated “1910”. It surfaced in 1974 and has a minimum bid of $12,000.

An oil portrait of Geli Raubel, the pretty daughter of Adolf Hitler’s half-sister, commissioned by Hitler, who fell in love with her from their first meeting in 1928 and led to her tragic death by suicide in 1931, has a minimum bid of $7,500. The 26 ¼ inch by 20 ¼ inch image features a side profile of Raubel in a classic pose. The work is signed “Fritz Ehle”.

The original oak leaves and swords presented to German General Der Panzertruppe Hasso Eccard von Manteuffel for his Knights Cross award, together with a typed business card in which he presents the oak leaves and swords to Mr. Brownlow, a letter typed social to Mrs. Brownlow, and two 5-inch-by-7-inch photos of Manteuffel (including one signed) carries a minimum bid of $25,000.

Framed three-star badge worn by General George S. Patton, Jr. during World War II, plus a photo of Patton during his visit to West Point and a US 3rd Army shoulder patch (MB: 1,500 $).
Mohawk Arms, Inc.

A nice framed three-star insignia worn by General George S. Patton, Jr. during World War II, along with a photo of Patton during his visit to West Point and a shoulder patch of the U.S. Third Army (formerly under the command of General Patton) has a minimum bid of $1,500. The collar badges were acquired by a friend of Mr. Brownlow in 1945, who was a tailor for Eisenhower’s staff.

A Mexican “Palace Guard” officer’s helmet – made in Germany in the classic Imperial era style – featuring a solid black leather body with aged gold brass chin scales, visor trim, column vertebral, a trichter/base and a large Mexican eagle/snake faceplate, has a minimum bid of $4,700. This is a rare helmet, circa 1900, with correct Mexican color rosettes and black horsehair brush.

A perfect example of a classic “dog-river” Confederate cavalry sword, having a straight type brown leather handle wrapped in wire and a 34 inch curved blade which has a fuller which disappears into the ricasso, has a minimum bid of $1,000. The small brass throat is branded with the Roman numerals “XLVIHI” and the scabbard was painted silver a hundred years ago.

A Berlin Bear street banner from the 1936 Olympics measuring 73 inches by 31 inches, with the traditional 23 inches by 12 ½ inches black Berlin Bear occupying the center, has a minimum bid of $250. The banner is accompanied by the original 1955 donation letter to “Clarence R. Rungee / The International War Flag Museum”, regarding the request for a flag for Berlin.

An antique Japanese wakizashi with a delicate curved 18 ½ inch blade, gray with black speckles and gold “cat’s paw” striped habaki, has a minimum bid of $950. The coin has an unusual engraved tsuba, with a sage and a tiger (the face, hands and tiger are in gold). The reverse is engraved with images, one of which appears to be a shark. The wooden scabbard has a tortoiseshell pattern.

The next major Internet and catalog Mohawk Arms auction after this one is scheduled for spring 2023, likely in April. The company typically makes two big sales a year.

Mohawk Arms, Inc. is still accepting quality submissions for future auctions. To consign a single item or an entire collection, you can call (315) 893-7888; or, you can email them to [email protected] To learn more about Mohawk Arms, Inc. and the online and in-gallery auction scheduled for Saturday, December 17 at 9 a.m. EST, visit

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