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! Murcia Today – Hide and seek auction for Camposol property!

Publication date: 13/11/2022

The Camposol property has entered the state’s online auction, but could potential buyers find it?

A villa in Sector A of Camposol was listed for the online state auction by the Judiciary of Murcia on October 18, when the auction deadline was set for November 7 at 6 p.m., offering potentially a chance for someone to land a good deal, although the property would definitely fall into the “Project” or “Top Player” category.

Properties in the Camposol development appear from time to time in state auctions, including the sale of builder assets in 2017 when over 100 properties were cleaned by the bankruptcy administrator – some for less than 6,000 euros – and also in 2018 when the Sensol Hotel was sold at the highest bid of over 3.8 million euros.

But the first hurdle for potential speculators for the latest property was finding the location! The location listed in the auction listing was Puerto de Mazarrón which is obviously wrong, in the full description the address was Calle Córdoba and again this is wrong. However, the description includes the catastral (land registry) reference, showing that the property is located on Calle Huelva.

Yet that was also wrong, but a clue to the real whereabouts was hidden in the fine print: the clue is “RU-32”.

Hide and seek auction for the Camposol property!RU-32 is a poligono or manzana on Camposol Sector A and although Calle Córdoba is not in poligono RU-32, Calle Huelva does. Eventually a search of the local streets found the illusory villa on Calle Málaga. Whilst from an exterior perspective it is very evident that the property has at one time been extensively embellished including a kidney shaped swimming pool with terracing and balustrades, it is also quite evident that these days were many years ago.

Neighbors report that the owners left about eight years ago and since then the villa has fallen into a deplorable state of disrepair and has become attractive to squatters. watch out for the villa and keep it from being an eyesore. Unfortunately, with its location somewhat unclear, it was feared that potential bidders might not be able to find it.

As the auction days passed, no bids were made, but in fact, as the auction entered its final hour, it became apparent that at least 2 potential bidders had solved the riddle of the location of the property as a wave of bidding began. The bidding was so intense that the time limit had to be extended by 40 minutes and when it ceased a winner was clear with a highest bid of over €88,000.

Hide and seek auction for the Camposol property!No doubt the successful bidder will have plans for the property and the neighbors are hoping work will start soon, although it may take 6 months to transfer ownership plus commission, transfer duties and other charges will need to be paid but perhaps in the not too distant future the villa, pool and garden will return to their former glory.

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