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mittal: Satellite spectrum cannot be auctioned on 5G wave lines: Sunil Mittal

Spectrum for satellite communication cannot be auctioned on the model of its recent sale for 5G services, because these waves are shared, needed in limited areas only, and also since the company will not generate billions of revenue, Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Mittal said.

In case the government decides to auction the spectrum, these factors should be kept in mind when designing the process, otherwise India could potentially miss out on satellite services, said Mittal, who has always been against it. the auction of satellite waves.

He was speaking to reporters at the launch of the Bharti Group-backed OneWeb satellites by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Mittal is also president of the broadband company from the OneWeb space.

He said broadband services from OneWeb’s space in India will likely start from mid-2023. The price will be at the same level as 4G for retail customers, while for business it will depend on the cases. of use, he said.

ISRO has placed 36 OneWeb satellites in orbit. They were launched into space in the space agency’s heaviest rocket to date, Launch Vehicle Mark 3, which lifted off from Satish Dhawan Space Center here after midnight on Sunday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the launch, tweeting that it exemplified “Atmanirbharta and enhances India’s competitive advantage in the global commercial launch services market.”

This is the first launch under the partnership between ISRO’s commercial arm, NSIL, and OneWeb. The company will pay more than 1,000 crores to NSIL for two launches, the second of which is scheduled for next January.

“We need to work with the government to see how it (spectrum) is allocated, whether through an administrative mechanism or through auctions and, if so, what type of auction. cannot be the type of recent sale of access spectrum,” says Mittal.

Satellite broadband services will help connect unserved people in remote areas, including the desert, the Himalayas and oil rigs, but they won’t bring in much money, he said.

“Decision makers need to understand how satellite spectrum is being used. It’s not dedicated to one user, it’s shared. And, second, it’s not like billions of dollars of generating money. It’s not is not competing with mobile services where you can justify auctioning so if your design of allocation is anything other than administrative then it has to be designed to work otherwise India may miss out on services via satellite,” Mittal added.

You can’t have 1,000 MHz at 7,000 crore just to serve two 15-acre spots in the country, Bharti’s chairman said.

Besides Bharti Global, OneWeb’s major shareholders include the UK government, Eutelsat, SoftBank, Hughes Networks and Hanwha Systems. OneWeb is in the process of merging the company with French satellite company Eutelsat Communications.

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