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Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 2 Companies and Products

First in the tank are entrepreneurs from Apex, NC showing off their step-by-step kit designed to teach beginners how to create cuddly and cute animal characters this week on Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs in Bend, Oregon shared their profits to support endangered gorillas with their fun Bluetooth-enabled accessory; while entrepreneurs in Canton, Ohio hope to snag a shark with their quick-attach device designed to cook the perfect bird every time. An entrepreneur from Mays Landing, New Jersey, showcases his luxury supplies company that offers convenient personal storage for medical necessities.

Trusser Turbo
The Turbo Trusser is a quick trussing device used when cooking whole chickens and turkeys. The Turbo Trusser eliminates butchers’ string for a perfect bird every time. Use in ovens, smokers, grills, air fryers, rotisseries, rotisseries and fryers. Stainless steel: Dishwasher safe.

The Woobles
Learn to crochet with The Woobles! Woobles teach complete beginners how to create their own adorable plush with fun and easy learn-to-crochet kits. With bespoke Easy Peasy Yarn and a step-by-step online guide, The Woobles has taught over 100,000 beginners how to crochet. Founded by a team of wife and husband, The Woobles was designed to spread the joy and confidence of learning something new.

Banana Phone
Banana Phone is a banana-shaped mobile handset that lets you talk to friends and family ON A BANANA. We like to think of it as an attractive phone. Play your favorite bits of your favorite fruit! We’re taking a bite out of the Apple (and Android) accessory market, one banana at a time.

Stealth Bros & Co
Stealth Bros & Co is a luxury dopp kit supply company that offers home and personal storage solutions for medical/personal needs. Innovative, convenient and stylish injectable storage for transgender, diabetics, IVF and all other personal/medical communities. While revolutionizing the way of seeing and feeling the elimination of sharp objects. Our mission is to make our customers feel safe, cared for and discreet with our products while being able to express themselves as individuals. We want to transform the lives of people who take their daily, weekly or bi-weekly injectables or who have personal needs to feel comfortable wherever they are.

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