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GoDaddy Sued for Auctioning Eth.Link ENS Domain

Internet domain service provider GoDaddy has been named in the lawsuit over a recently auctioned ENS domain name. The domain name belonged to incumbent Virgil Griffith who got into trouble with the United States after he was caught helping North Korea evade sanctions. Thus, since Griffith was behind bars, he was unable to renew his ownership of the domain name but had the domain name renewed by a third party in his place. However, the problems started when the domain name was renewed this year. Apparently, the domain…

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Comedy show for the benefit of the AHWF

Would northern Idaho be the same place we cherish without its diverse population of things that swim, run, fly, and jump? Obviously, the answer is no. We love our friends the local furry, feathered, finned or otherwise equipped animals. We also like to laugh. The past few years have been tough at times when it comes to enjoying a good old healthy belly laugh. Things are looking up, but I think for the most part, we’ve all learned a lot about the importance of maintaining balance, expressing gratitude, and supporting…

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