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Luxury brands don’t stop and launch NFT

Luxury brands like Gucci, Tiffany, Bulgari and Jacob & Co. do not stop in the face of the long downtrend of the cryptocurrency market, launch luxury-related NFTs as well as crypto projects.

Luxury brands and the launch of luxury-related NFTs

This summer only, some luxury brands have launched their own luxury-related NFTs. In the jewelry sector, for example, Bulgari and Tiffany did not stop until the long crypto winter and launched their luxury NFTs.

Tiffany entered the world of non-fungible tokens in launch his Collection of 250 NFTiffsdigital passes, redeemable only by CryptoPunks holders that will allow the holder to obtain a personalized pendant and the respective NFT.

Basically, for every NFTiff purchased, Tiffany designers create a personalized pendant, based on the buyer’s CryptoPunk, rendered in 18k gold and with at least 30 gemstones and/or diamonds. The cost of each NFT was set by the luxury brand at 30ETHaround $51,000.

Bulgari too made its first NFT jewel “Beyond Wonder”, defined as a creation that transcends the boundaries of materiality and includes the Ruby Metamorphosis and Emerald Glory necklaces, to reinforce the link between High Jewelry and High Technology.

Digital twins are digital works inspired by necklaces and stored on Aura blockchain and Polygon blockchain, struck by Luxochain, and accessible via a digital experience created by Temera.

Luxury brands and cryptocurrency projects: Gucci and Jacob & Co.

Additionally, in August, other luxury brands such as Gucci and Jacob & Co. launched their own crypto projects.

And in fact, Gucci has added ApeCoin (APE) to its list of cryptocurrencies accepted as means of paymentthrough the use of the BitPay payment gateway.

ApeCoin (APE) can thus be used in select U.S. Gucci stores where other cryptocurrencies are already accepted.

Not only that, another crypto project from an American luxury brand is Jacob & Co., which launched the limited-edition Bitcoin Watch. It is a physical collection of only 25 coins that echoes the Bitcoin ecosystem

Here is the presentation video:

“Luxury Watchmaker Jacob & Co Launches Limited Edition Bitcoin Watch.”

The luxury watch called Bitcoin Solar Astronomy incorporated 444 components on two rotating platforms for a single display, and according to Jacob & Co., all these symbols tell the story of the advent of the first cryptocurrencyfrom abstraction to reality, from anomalous phenomenon to the pillar of the financial system.

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