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‘Biggest Ponzi scheme in history’: 10 years since Lexington-based ZeekRewards

LEXINGTON, NC (WGHP) — In August 2012, nearly one million people around the world learned that an online rewards program they believed would exponentially increase their wealth was being of an investigation because of what prosecutors would later consider to be an “over $850 million Ponzi scheme”. promising a “fake 125% return on investment based on the profits of a fake internet penny auction company”.

Zeekler, along with an advertising division called ZeekRewards, would become what officials considered “the biggest Ponzi scheme in history” based on the number of victims.

With an office in the small town of Lexington and the man behind the project living just minutes away, people regularly lined the roads surrounding the building in hopes of scoring big.

While some of them could afford to lose the thousands of dollars they invested, other families lost everything.

Today, as the owner of Zeekler attempts to be released from federal prison, some of his victims are still recovering from the failure.

This is the story of ZeekRewards ten years later.

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