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Stroller Museum Closes, Items Will Be Auctioned Online | New

JEFFERSON – The love of dolls and prams has been a major passion for two local sisters for over 35 years.

Janet Pallo and her sister Judith Kaminski opened the Perambulator Museum in Jefferson in 1987 to share their collection with the world, but determined there was a lack of local support and closed the museum.

Pallo and Kaminski said it was a difficult decision, but they are pleased with Andrew Richmond’s work in preparing the items to sell in the online auction starting September 21.

Richmond of The Ohio Company Antiques and Art worked hard to photograph the items and prepare for the first auction. He said more information can be found on the company’s website at www.ohiocompanyantiques.com.

“We worked really hard to make this museum amazing,” Pallo said. She said people came from all over the world to see the unique collections of dolls, prams, Christmas ornaments and many other unique collectibles.

Pallo said senators and other politicians have visited the museum, along with corporate presidents and even Lady Gaga. She said Lady Gaga showed up a few years ago and saw the collection.

She said the sisters started collecting “incredible” dolls and decided they needed to share the items across the museum.

The sisters both taught at local schools in the Buckeye area, where one taught at North Kingsville Elementary School and the other at Kingsville Elementary School.

While the museum won’t be taking up much of their time, the sisters plan to keep busy. “We will continue to promote the arts one way or another,” Pallo said.

Richmond said he had done many auctions. but this one is unique. He said he worked hard cataloging the items and finding space to put them until some sold out at the first auction.

“This [auction] is kind of an exclamation mark at the end of this museum,” he said.

Kaminski said it was a tough decision. “For us, these are treasures, and it’s hard to give up,” she said.

“We’ll have people bidding from across the country and around the world,” Richmond said.

The sisters said they would travel during the summers when they were teaching at the school to find new pieces and raise awareness of their museum.

Pallo said there was an offer to move the museum to Dollywood, but they declined the offer as they weren’t ready to move at the time. The sisters also said they looked into options to move the museum to Florida, but it never worked out.

Pallo said their families supported the museum. Sidney and Xavier Pallo, his grandchildren, have been visiting the museum since they were very young.

“When they [the sisters] weren’t looking, we opened the door to let Sidney sit in the car,” Pallo’s daughter-in-law Karla Pallo said. She said it was a big surprise when her husband brought her to the museum.

“It was like an awesome place,” she said.

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