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Another successful Wish-A-Thon, a total of $2 million over 15 years


Thank you Stark County and beyond! $228,140.80 was raised at the 15th Annual Wishes Tuna to benefit Wishes Can Happen. And the cumulative total after 15 years is $2,147,644! Over the years, you have granted thousands of wishes for thousands of children with life-threatening illnesses!

And the money stays local… to help local children!

Don’t forget, though, that the auction is live until midnight on Sunday, August 14. Each auction is another step towards granting a wish! Simply click below and switch to the Auctions section! And you can always donate! Just click the donate button!

For the 15th year! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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You can still donate: just click on this website link.

Also check out the auction items at the bottom of the WHBC Wishes page.

The online auction continues through Sunday evening, but the Wish-a-Thon ends again at 6 p.m. Friday.

We know that Cindy Morrow of Wishes Can Happen is amazed that her organization is in its 40th year…well, we’re here 1480 WHBC and Mix 94.1 are also amazed that we’re in our 15th year of our Wishes Can Happen Wish a thon . Pretty proud of that fact too!

If you hear us about Wishes Can Happen but don’t know about them, we ask that you go to their website and find out more. They are special. They are local. They are important.

If you ARE familiar…spread the word. We want to make this a very special year for Cindy and Madelyn Sweeney. They work so hard to help grant the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. And most importantly, we want to make this year a very special year for KIDS! Don’t forget to tell someone about the organization, talk about the wish marathon, and how we’re all gearing up to raise money for them.

We can’t do it without you Stark County…..again, this is something close to our hearts….check it out and you’ll see why. Meet these children and you will know why. Listen to their stories and they will never leave your heart. Visit the Wishes Can Happen website for more details.

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