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The New Vineyard couple are the highest bidder for the New Sharon Congregational Church

NEW SHARON — A New Vineyard couple won an auction for the New Sharon Congregational Church and an adjacent building known as the “little church” on July 16.

The winning bid for the New Sharon Congregational Church, another building and land in New Sharon was submitted in writing ahead of the July 16 auction by a New Vineyard couple, church administrator Leona Carpentier said. from Vienna. File photo Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Membership in the church had fallen to eight and it was becoming “increasingly difficult” to keep the church running, administrator Leona Carpentier, 70, of Vienna, said in early July.

The property sits on approximately one acre of land on Cape Cod Hill Road. The main church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

Several people attended the auction, but the winning bid was submitted in writing before the auction took place, Carpentier said Thursday.

She didn’t know the closing date, but auctioneer Adrian Harris told members it would be within 30 days of the event.

The New Vineyard couple’s name and winning bid amount were not disclosed. The sale will only be official after closing.

Carpentier said she had no idea what the couple planned to do with the property.

After the closing, church members will hold a meeting and decide which charities they will donate the money to, she said.

The story of churches built in the 1840s will live on elsewhere, including in other local churches.

A pulpit and some large church chairs went to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Farmington. A smaller pulpit and a heavy Bible from the 1850s were donated to the Shorey Chapel United Church of Christ in Industry, Carpentier said.

Some other items went to the Farmington Downtown Association to be auctioned off, Carpentier said.

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