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Money-saving tips: How to save on some of the priciest items and services amid inflation

CHICAGO (WLS) — Here’s a quick tip now to help you save in the midst of inflation.

For credit card debt, knowledge is power. Know your interest rate and try to pay off your balance each month to avoid paying interest.

On lodgingbe prepared to pay higher interest rates and look into other financing options with a lower interest rate, such as an FHA or VA loan.

Whether leasetry to negotiate with a private owner.

For babysittingsee if you can pool the resources of other neighbors and friends, and perhaps consider sharing nanny service or ask a supplier for a sibling discount.

When transporting the kids, use gas station loyalty apps and pay with a credit card that gives you cash back.

On public services on the risekeep the blinds closed during the day and turn the air conditioning to around 75-76 degrees

And don’t forget to join grocery store loyalty programs and buy “store” or generic brands. Also, stick to a list.

Hopefully this will help you avoid inflation frustration.

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