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Spokane Shock gear, memorabilia, trophies abandoned by previous owner to be auctioned off

There are no more games at the Arena for Spokane Shock fans, but they could own a piece of team history – and probably at a great price.

On Friday, a local property sales company is auctioning off all the gear, trophies and memorabilia that were left behind when the clash was unceremoniously ended by the Indoor Football League in February – and the former owner in disgrace left town.

The league action was sparked when Sam Adams – a former Seattle Seahawks favorite – missed the deadline to file a $128,000 bond to secure Spokane Arena for the 2022 season.

In the league’s press release regarding the situation, the termination was “due to multiple issues in the Spokane market, including a dispute with the arena.”

Adams and his companies are named in a series of complaints and lawsuits in the state dating back to 2015 involving football teams and other business arrangements, including a guilty plea by Adams’ previous company on a charge felony theft tied to unpaid taxes and wages, and a federal bankruptcy that was still active when he signed the first contract to bring the Shock back to Spokane in 2019.

In addition to the litigation, Adams has been accused by dozens of season ticket holders of failing to refund their 2020 season tickets. The season was canceled due to the pandemic.

TicketsWest has taken care of the reimbursement of subscription purchases for the 2022 season.

For Friday’s event, Instant Auction and Estate Sales plans to auction off hundreds of remaining items, including jerseys, merchandise, trophies, office furniture – even the NFL Pro Bowl player’s personal trophy. 2005 from Adams – who were left behind when Adams left the team’s office space. at 157 S. Howard St., where the auction will take place at 10 a.m.

Bidders can preview auction items on Thursday from noon to 5 p.m. and Friday at 9 a.m. There are no online auctions and items can be viewed on the website.

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