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Heritage Days kick off in Waterford

All the family fun returns to Waterford Heritage Days, including great food, vendors and even horseback riding.

“I love the people, I love the fact that I can see my friends. Everyone is here and every year I see pretty much everyone I know,” said Erie resident Mary Gertz.

There are some artistic novelties on the occasion of Heritage Days. One is the “Waterford Auction Pallets”. This is a summer art tour where palettes are painted by local artists and displayed in front of a number of businesses across Waterford.

“They are all over the city, from Humes to the whole city. It’s a huge palette of painters, local artists painted them. They have a letter on them and you go around and fill in all the letters. Then you try to solve the magic phrase,” said Judy Nelson, Waterford Heritage Days.

You then take it to the library for a chance to win a prize. There is a clue on each palette that you will need to decipher.

“You put your name on it and it’s an entry. Now there are beautiful works of art here and we have an auction on September 17 and we will capitalize on those entries,” said Peggy Lehr, Palettes of Waterford Committee.

The auction will take place at the downtown lookout.

Waterford Heritage Days runs until Sunday. For more information, Click here,

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