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How to make returns on Amazon and other retailers

Now that Amazon Prime Day is over — along with other competing sales like Target Deal Days and Bed Bath & Beyond’s Big Savings event — many shoppers are looking forward to receiving their orders over the next few days. In fact, Amazon says First day 2022 was the largest to date, with more than 300 million items purchased on July 12 and 13 on Amazon alone.

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But as the products arrive, you may find that they don’t fit you, they don’t match the description, or they just don’t suit you. With that in mind, we’ve gathered information on retailers’ return policies below, focusing on those who have held sale events over the past week. Keep in mind that although these policies apply to most items, there are exceptions – visit retailers’ websites to learn about specific exceptions before starting a return to find out if you are eligible a full or partial refund or store credit, such as a gift card or discount code.

Amazon Return Policies

Amazon indicates that most items shipped and shipped by, including Amazon Warehouse, may be refunded within 30 days of delivery. This applies to all purchases – there is no separate return policy for items you purchased during Prime Day. However, keep in mind that some elements cannot be returnedsuch as groceries, downloadable software, certain jewelry and more.

During Prime Day, many third-party sellers — who Amazon says are the ones filling and shipping their own inventory — are cutting back on their products. If products from third-party sellers are eligible for Amazon Prime, they fall under Amazon’s standard return policy. Otherwise, the retailer says most third-party sellers offer a return policy equivalent to Amazon’s, but not always. To learn more about a specific third-party seller’s return policy, be sure to review the Return and Refund Policy section of the seller’s profile page.

Target return policies

The return period for items sold on begins once the order has been invoiced, which the retailer says occurs when part of an order is shipped, delivered by Dispatch – a delivery service that Target owns – or is ready for pickup. Most unopened items that are in new condition can be returned within 90 days and are eligible for a refund or exchange, the retailer says. This deadline is extended for Target red card Debit and Credit Card Holders: They have an additional 30 days to return almost all items purchased with their RedCard at Target and Some items have different return policies, however – information can be found on the product page, receipt or packing slip.

Similar return policies apply to products sold by a Target Plus Partner, which is a third-party company that sells and ships items through Target. You can learn more about items that cannot be returned and specific throw exceptions online, such as how to return large items that came with EFW, a carrier used by Target to deliver parts like furniture. It’s also important to note that electronics and entertainment items such as smart home products, televisions, speakers, and the like must be returned or exchanged within 30 days, and Apple products (excluding phones) have an even shorter return or exchange window – only 15 days. Items of Target owned brands have the longest return period – as long as you have the receipt, you can return these products within one year for an exchange or refund.

Wayfair Return Policies

According Wayfairmost items can be revenue within 30 days of delivery. They must be in their original condition, undamaged and disassembled if delivered in this way. Products must also be in their original packaging, but if the packaging is damaged or has been thrown away, you can use a box no larger than 108 inches, the retailer says. However, some products cannot be returned, such as clearance items, gift cards, live plants and more.

Mattresses and major appliances have different return policies. All mattresses purchased through Wayfair come with a 100-night free trial, during which you can return or exchange the mattress for free. Major appliances can be returned in their original packaging within 30 days of delivery as long as they have not been installed.

Keep in mind that when returning an item through Wayfair, you will not be refunded shipping charges or service charges. And instead of a refund, you can choose to receive store credit that never expires.

Best Buy Return Policies

To best buyreturn times — which begin the day you receive your order — differ depending on whether you are a Best Buy Totaltech Member. Non-members have 15 days to return most products and 14 days to return most activatable devices, which the retailer says includes cell phones, cell tablets, mobile hotspots and more. again (note that Verizon activatable devices have a 30-day return period for all purchasers). Best Buy Totaltech members have 60 days to return most products, but they also only have 14 days to return activatable devices. Best Buy says items must be in like-new condition to be accepted for return, and some have restocking fees, like activatable devices, e-bikes, drones, DSLR cameras and more . You can learn more about throw exceptions and non-returnable items online.

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policies

Bed bath and beyond says you have 90 days after purchasing an item for return or exchange but the retailer lists some important exceptions to be aware of on its website.

  • 30-day return period: smart home technology and seasonal products (such as patio furniture, grills, holiday products and decor)
  • 60-day return period: Electrical appliances (including small kitchen appliances and robot vacuums) and air mattresses

Additionally, the retailer says you can’t return items as-is, aftermarket offers, gift cards and more. And if you purchased a product with a gift card, your refund will be in the form of merchandise credit.

Walmart Return Policies

Products sold and shipped by walmart perhaps returned or replaced within 90 days of receiving a receipt. There are however some return exceptions you should be aware of – cordless phones must be returned within 14 days, for example, and many electronics must be returned within 30 days. You can learn more about return expectations on line.

If you are purchasing an item from a Walmart Marketplace seller – that is, third-party retailers and brands that sell their products through the retailer – there are different return policies. Sellers must, however, adhere to minimum return standards set by Walmart, such as a 14-day return window for electronics and luxury items and a 30-day return window for other items.

Return policies at other retailers

  • Kohls: Accepts most returns up to 180 days from the date of original purchase, excluding electronics (30-day return window), beauty items (60-day return window), and more
  • Macy’s: Accepts most returns within 90 days of purchase with exceptions for Apple products (14-day return window) and longer
  • Lowe’s: Accepts most returns within 90 days of purchase date, excluding TVs and electronics, outdoor electrical equipment and more (30-day return window)
  • The reception deposit: Accepts most new, unopened merchandise within 90 days of purchase, with exception for furniture, area rugs, gas-powered equipment, most generators and consumer electronics (30-day return window)

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