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Darkness this July 4; Omicron Subvariants Are Making More People Sick – Coachella Valley Independent’s Indy Digest: July 4, 2022

No more news • Results of last week’s testing of Palm Springs sewage for SARS-CoV-2 levels were not released today due to the holidays; we will have this information in Thursday’s Indy Digest. However, this story from the Los Angeles Times has us guessing that the number will unfortunately increase:In a sign of how the novel coronavirus wave continues to spread through California, two-thirds of the state’s counties are now at the COVID-19 high community level, in which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of United States recommends universal…

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The Strange Horror of Paul Gattuso’s Red Seal Comic Book Covers, Up for Auction

| In the same way Gus Ricadistinctive stylist Paul Gattoso is one of the key artists who gave Harry Chesler‘s comics their distinctive look. Gattuso worked for Chesler from around 1944, on titles such as Dynamic comics, comic punch and Scoop comics among others. The Black Dwarf character who appeared in Spotlight on Comics and Red Seal Comics is perhaps his most remembered work, but his extremely creative covers on a range of titles were memorable due to his art style and his use of particular elements of fantasy and…

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I’m an Interior Designer and These 9 Cheap Things Will Make Any Home More Expensive and Chic

CREATING a home that looks expensive and chic doesn’t have to break the bank. And you also don’t need to save up to buy one small thing at a time. 4 Garrett explained some of the things you can try at homeCredit: YouTube/GarrettLeChic According to this interior designer, there are nine things you can simply add to your home that won’t cost you a lot of money, but will look expensive. Garrett LeChic shared the nifty tricks on YouTube, explaining why the items look so chic. Baskets Baskets are good…

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