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RAMMSTEIN bassist Oliver Riedel auctions basses for Ukraine

Rammstein bassist Oliver Riedel is auctioning off two of his personally signed basses with Sandberg Guitars. As part of the GEAR FOR HOPE music auction, proceeds will be donated to aid organizations in Ukraine.

Many artists and manufacturers now offer their instruments and accessories on the “United Charity” platform. Selected Ukrainian projects are supported on the fundraising auction site.

The two Oliver basses that will be up for auction have been used in countless live performances around the world for over 13 years. They are signed by hand and have a unique value. A certificate prepared by Sandberg Guitars confirms uniqueness and authenticity.

Sandberg Guitars and Oliver Riedel have worked closely together since 1997. His signature model is a representation of the Rammstein bassist in sound, handling and design. Special aging, ebony fingerboard, Sandberg Power Humbuckers and Split Coil pickups make the Oliver Riedel Signature California VM 4-String so distinctive.

In addition, both basses up for auction have the original Sandberg California body shape, making them a real rarity! On the United Charity platform, it is now possible to bid on these two unique items and support the people of Ukraine with the proceeds.

Basses can be auctioned by following the link:

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