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Stranger Things and the 9 Most Expensive Netflix Shows

Over the years, Netflix has released amazing, high-quality content, but it comes at a steep price. Clearly, Netflix wants to stay ahead of its competition, and to do that, they need to keep investing and giving audiences more of what they want. Unfortunately, the streamer sometimes releases new Netflix shows that completely miss the mark. And those shows cost a pretty penny.

However, that doesn’t stop the streamer from spending a lot of money on new content to please subscribers. They are willing to take risks because, at the end of the day, it is a business. In order to retain and grow their subscriber base, the top streamer must keep investing and hope for more hits than busts.

We’ve decided to take a look back at some of the most expensive Netflix shows through 2022. Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t necessarily available with its show budgets. But there have been educational estimates and guesses about some of Netflix’s biggest show budgets.

Here are 10 of the most expensive Netflix shows below!

The most expensive Netflix series

stranger things

Estimated budget: $30 million per episode (from season 4)

stranger things is not only one of Netflix’s best original series, but it’s now the streamer’s most expensive series. According to Screeningeach episode of the next stranger things season 4 cost Netflix $30 million. This is a huge jump from Season 1’s estimated budget of $6 million per episode, Season 2’s budget of $8 million per episode, and Season 3’s budget of less than 10 million. million dollars per episode. Netflix hasn’t confirmed this budget amount, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually true.

Orange is the new black

Estimated budget: $4 million per episode

Orange is the new black is one of Netflix’s first original series and it was an instant hit with viewers. The prison drama reportedly cost Netflix $4 million per episode. This show had a huge ensemble cast, so the budget was expected to be higher. Additionally, the show grew in popularity during its run, which likely meant a raise for the cast. Finally, there was a series of seven seasons. The more seasons, the higher the budget.

Card castle

Estimated budget: $5 million per episode

Card castle is Netflix’s first original series, so of course the streamer would invest a lot of money in making the political thriller. Plus, it featured some pretty popular actors like Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Paying the actors alone was expensive. The show reportedly cost $5 million per episode to make.


Estimated budget: $7 million per episode

Bridgerton is an extremely popular show and it is only growing in popularity with each season. Season 1 would have cost $7 million per episode to make. Most of the Season 1 cast were newcomers to the entertainment industry, so we doubt the high budget came from their salaries. The expensive budget most likely stems from the different locations and intricate costumes. It’s unclear how much Season 2 will cost, but there was likely an increase of around $1-2 million.


Estimated budget: 7 to 8 million dollars per episode

Line was personally one of my favorite TV series. Unfortunately, the thriller series was canceled after three seasons. Netflix never gave a reason why the show was canceled, but it wasn’t hard to figure out. Line had rising production costs and people had begun to lose interest in the show. It just didn’t make financial sense for Netflix to continue the show.

The defenders

Estimated budget: $8 million per episode

One of Netflix’s Marvel shows The defenders reportedly cost around $8 million per episode to make. It’s not shocking because other Netflix Marvel shows like Jessica Jones and daredevil had budgets of around $40 million per season with 13 episodes in each season. This means that each episode would cost around $3 million. The defenders brought together all the superheroes from the other Netflix Marvel shows, so a higher budget makes sense.


Estimated budget: $9 million per episode

Sense8 was well received by critics and viewers, but the positive response was not enough. The sci-fi show’s production costs were quite high, with filming taking place in various countries and not enough people watching the show to warrant additional seasons. Luckily, Netflix gave fans a two and a half hour series finale to wrap things up.

the witcher

Estimated budget: $10 million per episode

the witcherThe budget is not shocking at all. If you only watch 5 minutes of an episode, you’ll understand why it cost so much to make. As reported by game pressure, the first season of the fantasy series cost $10 million per episode to make. Detailed sets, fight choreography, CGI monsters, and special effects all play into the cost. And Henry Cavill’s salary for the show is pretty impressive on its own.


Estimated budget: $11 million per episode

Lowering was only allowed one season before being canceled by the streamer. I mean, the show was incredibly expensive to do. The first season was only supposed to cost the streamer around $97 million and ended up costing around $120 million. The show didn’t require special effects or a well-known cast, so there’s no reason the show should have cost so much.

The crown

Estimated budget: $13 million per episode

The crown premiered on Netflix in November 2016 and was an instant hit. It’s the most expensive original series Netflix has ever made, but it looks like stranger things comes for the crown. The expensive budget mainly comes from the rich sets, costumes, cinematography and production values. The crown season 5 is expected to arrive on Netflix in November 2022.

What do you think of Netflix show budgets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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