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The Rocky River Police Auction has an interesting range of items

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – The Rocky River Police Department held a public auction Saturday, March 5 at one of the new police department’s vehicle garages on Hilliard Road.

If you’ve never been to a police auction, you might be quite surprised by the range of items – and even more surprised by the low prices.

All items were “viewable” for one hour prior to the start of the auction and all items were sold “as is”.

Approximately 40-50 people attended the auction and had the opportunity to purchase a wide range of items, including bikes and gear that could be sourced from any department in town. There were also about half a dozen office chairs, desks, and other office accessories.

Office equipment and accessories was another category offering shoppers the chance to pick up a bargain on items that could easily fetch much higher prices. (Linda Gandee, special for

Most intriguing were several very large original paintings that hung in City Hall. There was also large, expensive-looking exercise equipment.

The prices paid by attendees were rock bottom on everything, making the sale a real bargain hunt.

A few dozen bikes were mostly sold at auction for less than $20 each. Auction goers were told most of the bikes were stolen and lacked identification for police to attempt to return them to their owners.

Equipment included hazmat survival suits, searchlights and portable survival jaws.

The office chairs appeared to be in excellent condition overall and, like the bikes, were low priced, as was the exercise equipment. There was also a small amount of children’s play equipment and even some cooking equipment.

The sale was clearly an effort to simply get rid of the items, and the prize was obviously not designed to win real money.

Some of the desks looked rather old, but were still in good condition. And there were also modern editorial offices. The story was that they were coming from City Hall due to renovations and renovations while the new police department was being built.

So the next time you’re looking for a sale for just about anything, be sure to call the local police department to find out when their next public auction is. You might find it really worth it.

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