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Ashdown Foundation auction raises $128,000 for special playground

ASHDOWN, Ark. – The Ashdown Community Foundation raised more than $128,000 to go towards a new playground in town at its 10th annual community auction last Saturday.

The event was sponsored by Domtar’s Community Advisory Team and the Ashdown Community Foundation. All proceeds will be used for community development and beautification projects in Ashdown town center and the city park.

The initial fundraising goal for this auction was $100,000, which was exceeded. The money raised included a $20,000 donation presented by Jean-Claude Allaire, Ashdown Plant Manager, on behalf of Domtar.

“Thank you to everyone who supported this event for the local community,” said Ronda Pounds, member of the Ashdown Community Foundation. “We appreciate everyone who donated items, purchased raffle tickets, helped load and assemble items, and attended the event. This event would not be possible without your continued support.”

These proceeds, along with a $150,000 grant from the Blue & You Foundation for Healthier Health in Arkansas, will be specifically used to build a 4,400 square foot inclusive playground in the city park.

Foundation members believe that an inclusive playground will allow children of all abilities to play safely with a variety of playground elements, allowing children to develop physically, socially and emotionally without the barriers. normally encountered on a playground.

“It’s amazing what a community can accomplish when they come together for a cause,” said Tammy Waters, board member of the Ashdown Community Foundation.

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