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1998 Rare Uncut Pokemon Card Sheet Found, Auctioned

Uncut Pokemon Cards

Photo: goldin

Although there have been many Pokemon cards on sale latelyand even a few boxes of cards, an upcoming auction will offer something much more interesting: a set sheet of Pokémon cards that never reached a deck in the first place.

Like Dice breaker reportthe sheet contains 99 cards, and was part of Pokemon first Western release at the end of the 20th century. It’s not a bad selection from the 99 either; there are all 16 foil cards, including Charizard and Blastoise, plus a ton of Mews.

There are also 32 Machamps. It’s a lot Machamp.

I find all of this fascinating because:

1. You could, theoretically, cut them yourself and turn them into 99 old Pokemon cards. I know there are devices out there that would help you do a good job, but I also want to imagine a mature, wealthy adult sitting at a table with a pair of scissors, tongue sticking out slightly to the side, cutting each line very gently , whispering “easy…easy”.

2. It’s a rare insight into the kind of percentage generation that goes into card making. For example, each time you open a package of Pokemon cards, what are the odds of you getting Pikachu and not, say, Machamp? According to the breakdown of this sheet, you’re going to have Machamps.

3. This is real behind-the-scenes stuff! There is text at the very top of the sheet that says “OKAY FOR COLOR + FIT 11-30-98 7:25am”, suggesting it was a test, while showing it dates back to November 1998, a few months before the game’s wider release in the United States. Make this something of a Pokemon historical relic, especially since it had been displayed on the wall of the office of the the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, the company that manufactures the cards in the United States.

The bid on the cards is currently $34,000, with 10 days remaining on the auction.

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