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Chamber Chatter: Thank you for our best little contest yet | Community

Please excuse my quick interruption of Community Award nominee announcements for this Chamber Chatter on the Shop 2021 Little Contest.

We officially closed the contest last week when we drew our grand prize winner. US Bank, our amazing local shopping program sponsor, pulled out a big check for $1,000 in dollars from the contest and helped us congratulate our lucky grand prize winner, Vicki Freehill. The full video of the drawing is available on our House Facebook page for anyone who wants to watch.

This year, our community totally knocked it out of the park with the Shop Small Sweepstakes contest. Over the course of 12 weeks, we received a total of 1,975 entries. This is compared to 856 in 2020 (during a shortened 8-week competition due to COVID) and 1,164 in 2019 (a regular 12-week program).

Nearly $103,000 has been spent on local businesses across the county – the largest economic infusion recorded for any of the contests since we started tracking this information in 2018. For some perspective, the past record has was established in 2019 with $67,470.

These numbers represent the ever-increasing amount of love, support and appreciation that our community pours into our local businesses through the Little Shop contest. And our data only represents a portion of actual purchases made in the county between October and December, because not everyone enters the contest for every purchase they make.

More importantly, these numbers remind us of the incredible impact we can have on our community, simply by buying local businesses. For every dollar spent on a local business, an average of 70 cents stays in the local economy. This money can then be redeployed within the community to benefit the Tillamook economy, support local jobs, and even support local non-profit organizations. (Think who sponsors your kids’ youth sports leagues or who donates awesome auction items to a local fundraiser. It’s probably a local business!)

We want to thank everyone who entered the Shop Small Sweepstakes this year, from people who made an effort to support local whenever they could, to businesses who sponsored our weekly $50 gift cards, to US Bank for their continued support of this program. since its inception in 2017. It’s been so rewarding to see our community come together to support local businesses and, in turn, enjoy this wonderful place we call home.

And even though the Shop Small Sweepstakes is over for the year, we hope you’ll continue to shop local whenever you can. After all, it’s great for the local economy and the perfect way to practice your craft for next year’s Shop Small Sweepstakes.

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