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Napoleon’s lucky charm could fetch $250 million or more at auction

Mark February 4 on your calendar. That’s when Auction Company of America began accepting bids on Napoleon Bonaparte’s talisman, “an exceptional and exquisite artifact that once belonged to France’s first emperor. The rare talisman, a hallmark of French history, includes a crystal sphinx encrusted with 114 royal jewels, and a silver base that has been authenticated by top experts in the field,” according to the auction house.

The auction house is bringing out the big guns to promote the “one-of-a-kind event”, including “world-renowned entertainer” Pat Boone and golf pros Jack Nicklaus and Nancy Lopez.

“Napoleon Bonaparte’s talisman is an absolutely unique treasure – and apart from the Mona Lisa, I can think of no true work of art more intrinsically and obviously priceless,” Boone said in a prepared statement. “Its own unique design stands out beyond question. If there was an iota of doubt, I wouldn’t bring it to light myself.”

Excerpt from the press release:

In 2005, the talisman came into the possession of golf memorabilia collector Randy (G. Randall) Jensen, after finding the antique on eBay. Jensen eventually traded in a new set of PING golf clubs for the antique, and the artifact’s new owner embarked on a six-year mission to uncover the secrets of the alluring object. Jensen has dedicated himself to the study of the captivating relic and Napoleon, resulting in countless hours of research and authentication by the world’s leading experts in the field.

“I found the [talisman] fascinating story, including its links to golf and golf history,” said golf legend and philanthropist Jack Nicklaus. “Pat [Boone] dedicated decades to philanthropy…Barbara and I were honored that he wanted to make a significant gift to the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, and we look forward to being [at the event].”

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