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Online auctions aren’t the best for perishable, unusable items – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The Nigerian Auctioneers Association (NAA) has urged the Federal Government, Ministries, Agencies and individuals to be careful of online auctions/internet auctions which do not benefit either sellers or buyers.

The association’s national president, Alhaji Aliyu Mohammed Kiliya, in a statement made available to Blueprint on Monday, said that “online auctioning or internet auctioning of unusable and perishable items amounts to delay and loss of revenue.This cannot benefit potential sellers or buyers.

Specifically, he said online auctions are for special items such as new vehicles, plants and machinery and not for unusable or perishable items, as in the case of salvaged assets which are primarily vehicles. and other items that are now beyond economic repairs due to long legal battle.

He explained that the Nigerian Association of Auctioneers has experienced auctioneers who can handle any type of auction, noting that the norm and practice of disposing of unusable items is through an appeal process. open tenders, which “guarantees maximum revenue and protects the image of the government and the interest of the general public.

He said most potential buyers prefer open, competitive auctions of unusable and perishable items. Online auctions can lead to difficult sales due to lack of physical access to items, which can result in complete degradation of the items involved.

He commended the Federal Department of Justice, the EFCC and the Federal Government’s Joint Committee on the Disposal of Recovered and Forfeited Assets and called for their cooperation to ensure the association handles the process in a professional manner.

“We have made several appeals against the activities of the Nigeria Customs Service, regarding seized perishable items and negligent attitude, they have neglected the standard process of auctioning perishable and unusable items which results in loss of revenue and therefore urge the above mentioned to the Agency to follow the correct course in disposing of the seized perishables.”

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