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Respond to the Chabad Rebbes Personal Items Auction

Hassidus applied with the rabbi Simon Jacobson: What attitude should we have towards the recent Rebbeim auction of personal items, The Texas hostage crisis, Rosh Hashanah of the Trees, the relevance of Sinai today and the use of a pig’s heart for a human heart transplant. Video

MyLife: Chassidus Applied Episode 388, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Sunday, January 16, 2022 / Shevat 14, 5782 – 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET

Chassidu applied at 15 Shevat:
o What do we learn from trees?
o Should we water our plants on Rosh Hashanah of the Trees?

Lessons from Yisro:
o What is the relevance of Sinai today?
o Why was the Torah given in a way that frightened people?
o How can we reconcile Jews accepting the Torah without asking questions, then trembling when they heard Gd’s voice?
o Did we receive the whole Torah at Sinai or only the Ten Commandments?
o Is there a connection between Yisro advising Moshe to delegate and the Rebbe sending thousands of shluchim?

Yud Shevat follow-up:
o During Yud Shevat Farbrengen 5711, did anyone ask the Rebbe to say a maamar?
o What is the story of the newspaper announcing the Rebbe’s assumption of office?
o What is Divinity? And how can it be hidden?

· What can we learn from yesterday’s hostage crisis in Texas?

· Do these things happen to prompt our prayers and our tehillim?

· What attitude should we have towards the recent auction of the Rebbe’s personal items?

· Can a pig’s heart be used for a heart transplant?

· Should we applaud the launch of a new telescope capable of going back to the beginning of existence?

· How should we approach the recent abuse scandal? Followed

Hasid question:
What is the meaning of the statement that “without Ohr the world would be dark and separated from its creator” – doesn’t all life come from Ohr?


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