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West Hardin student gives bike to friend | Education

Despite being able to buy an item for himself, a student at West Hardin Middle School decided to spend his Laker Loot money on a bike for his friend instead.

At school, students have the opportunity to earn Laker Loot for a variety of actions, including good schoolwork, good attendance, and good deeds that teachers notice throughout the school year.

Students can either spend their loot on small items throughout the year in the school store or set it aside for the auction, which takes place twice a year.

Auction prices include Legos, Chromebooks, Airpods, and a bike.

Student Kyler Fentress, 12, said he saved his loot to bid on the bike, but was outbid by another student. He said it had been several years since he owned a bicycle.

Zachary Burgin, a friend of his who has known since fourth grade, then heard that Fentress was unable to secure the bike. Both students are in seventh year.

On the day of the auction, which took place before the winter break, Burgin was able to outbid the other student using all of his loot by offering an additional $ 1.

Having won the bike, he decided to give it to Fentress as a gift.

Burgin said every good deed should be heard, but said he was happy to help his friend.

“Life is just about doing good things for people… enjoying things, the little things,” Burgin said. “Just live life to the fullest and have fun.”

Fentress said he often rode the bike and did as much as he could at home.

“I think making people happy is the right thing to do,” Fentress said.

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