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Will the e-commerce spin-off trend continue in 2022?

Long a united front, bricks and clicks may be heading towards divorce in a move that has left some retail analysts scratching their heads. Amid a flurry of IPOs and fundraisers last year, activist investors are pushing some department stores to reconsider their omnichannel strategies and make the largely unprecedented choice to build their businesses online from physical stores. Saks Fifth Avenue owner HBC led the charge last March, unveiling his OK to separate the e-commerce site from the luxury retailer and call it Saks, with its stores known as…

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Friends and family talk about the victims of a building explosion in Shawano Co.

TOWN OF LESSOR, Wisconsin (NBC 26) – Three people were killed in a building explosion Friday in the town of Lessor. Their names were released on Monday: Timothy Cook Sr., 52, from Oshkosh, Kenrick Larson, 49, from Neenah, and James Moon, 60, from Keshena. CONTEXT “The first thing we thought was ‘oh my gosh I hope this isn’t her shop,’” said Whitney Shaver. “We knew his store was located at 47.” But the worst was true for Shaver. Her close friend Moon was one of three people who died. “Then…

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