Auction items 


NOTICE OF AUCTION Notice is hereby given that a public auction will be held by AAA Self Storage on Saturday January 15, 2022 starting at 10:00 a.m. The sale will relate to personal property seized for non-payment of rent. The sale will take place at 7500 East 34 (Boon) Rd., Cadillac, MI 49601. All sales consist of items in each unit and the property will NOT be sold on an ad hoc basis and the items will not be displayed individually. Each unit must be locked by the buyer. The buyer has 48 hours after the auction to empty the unit. Units purchased not emptied within 48 hours will be billed a full month’s rent for the unit. We will follow the recommended COVID-19 guidelines regarding social distancing and face masks. The property will be sold in the following units: 1004 – Andrew Ballard – Clothing, book boxes, walker, dressers, flag, miscellaneous. elements. 16A01 – Frank Brehm – Rollator, shelf, shelf, pot and bins. 15B13 – Arthur Goerner Jr – Old table saw and drill press, reciprocating saw, old washer and dryer, three indoor-outdoor rugs, various. tools. 15B07 – Deanna Bertolozzi – Two dressers, photo bins, two end tables and vinyl albums. 19A13 – Arthur Goerner Jr – Two mini refrigerators, a nice ladder, golf clubs and books. 2311 – Sharon Wikstrom – Dressers, daybed, desk, table and chairs, housewares tote. 3001 – Adam Thomas – Three kayaks, a bandsaw, fishing rods and clothes. 2111 – Alan Dehaan – Roll of linoleum. Pipes, pieces of wood, shovels, four ladders, rake, light fixture, toolbox, old push mower and much more. 1805 – Levi Luther – A large number of boxes and bins, chair, shovel, miscellaneous. elements. 15A03 – Marlene Wilber – Boxes, tote bags, decorative lamps, crock pot, bed set, mirrors, basket and some Tupperware. December 31 January 7

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