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Auction Raises Thousands of Dollars in Legal Action for Future Chippenham

An ART auction has raised more than £ 5,000 in support of the judicial review of the Future Chippenham program.

More than 100 people came to Cause in Chippenham on Sunday December 19 to support Save Chippenham’s Stop the Sprawl art auction.

A total of 124 lots were put up for auction, representing nearly 200 works of art, all donated by local artists.

Auction organizer Julie-May Wheeler said: “A lot of these artists are keen to preserve our campaign and want to help.”

The auction raised money for the pending judicial review brought by Dr Helen Stride against the Wiltshire Council’s decision to pursue Future Chippenham’s plans.

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At the time of writing, it is expected that a High Court decision is expected shortly.

However, it was not just the artists who were keen to show their support for the campaign.

When asked why he got involved; Gordon Brockman of True Values, an auctioneer and probate appraiser, said: “I took an older gentleman to see Birds Marsh, if you had seen the anger and tears from all the houses that had destroyed his house. beloved walk, well that’s why I didn’t hesitate to get involved. ”

A spokesperson for Save Chippenham said it was a true community enterprise where many gave their time and services for free.

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Fred said: “During the lockdown we were fortunate to have a wonderful campaign on our doorstep.

“We have to do everything we can to protect him for future generations – once he’s gone, he’s gone.”

The Kick Design team, Hayely and Lee, were responsible for the artwork and catalog, and worked tirelessly to create what has been described as “a work of art in its own right.”

“This was a collective community response that shows that together we can make a difference,” said Hayley.

A spokesperson for the Save Chippenham campaign said: “The auction has definitely proven that the people who run Wiltshire Council have nothing in common with the many communities that make up the county.

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“For a few weeks we got together and not only created a new community of values ​​and ideals, but showed that ideals and values ​​can be the means to practical ends.”

When the lawsuit was first launched, Wiltshire Council chief Richard Clewer said: “An application for judicial review has been filed with the courts and served on Wiltshire Council.

“We are liaising with our legal advisers and can confirm that we will vigorously defend our position.

“As previously stated, the Future Chippenham program does not determine what development takes place, that decision is subject to local plan review.

“The development proposed by the Future Chippenham program will be subject to local plan review and statutory planning process. ”

Future Chippenham is a council-run program that makes plans for the city’s infrastructure, including the development of new roads and thousands of homes.

In addition to a new road from Lackham roundabout to the A4, plans include space for up to 4,200 homes.

On its website, the council says the plans “will meet the needs for jobs and housing while addressing some of the long-standing challenges it faces, such as downtown congestion and new developments being delivered. per stroke “.

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