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ZINARA forgot to match the toll charge to the official tariff, now it’s your problem

Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) announced that for several months it had not factored in the auction rate in the toll charges. According to a report by The Herald, the National Roads Authority has suddenly realized this as we enter the busy Christmas season.

“The toll charges, set in US dollars, but converted at the prevailing auction exchange rate, are several months past the local currency. the last auction of this year.

The herald

Here are the new ZINARA toll charges in local currency (prices in foreign currencies remain unchanged):

USD ZWL $ Pula Rand
Light vehicles 2.00 220.00 20.00 30.00
Minibus 3.00 330.00 40.00 50.00
The buses 4.00 440.00 50.00 60.00
Heavy vehicles 5.00 550.00 60.00 80.00
Transport vehicles 10:00 a.m. 1,100.00 120.00 160.00

“What we’re just doing is adjusting local payments based on the prevailing foreign currency auction rate. Those paid in foreign currency remain the same.

Tendai Mugabe ZINARA Head of Public Relations and Marketing (via The herald)

One would imagine that since the auction rate has been defended by the government at all times, its agencies would at least keep pace and not blame the motorist all at once. At this point I’m sure there are some of you who will say I’m nitpicking and well… fair enough. But the fact remains that ZINARA must ensure that it warns road users and makes discernible intervals to stay in step with the auction rate.

In saying this, it will not inconvenience those who pay tolls in foreign currency as nothing has changed in this regard. But for those who had set aside a local currency toll budget while traveling to vacation with family and friends, this is a downside.

Best to worst toll payment methods

The increased fees in local currency won’t really stop everyone who is determined to travel during this festive time. So, before you go, here are the options for paying your ZINARA toll charges from best to worst.


If you want to go through toll barriers, physical currency is probably your best option. You will of course need a change because, depending on what time you arrive, the tolls might not have any to break the big demos. Now I say this knowing that it is not easy to find change or spend physical money, but if you want to avoid the wait, this is your best option.

Tap ZINARA card

National road administration has its own faucet card that you can finance to make it easier when you get to the toll booth which you can get by going to any of ZINARA’s offices around the country (the locations are in the link here). NMB has a similar facility with its own Tap card that it announced last year when congestion at toll gates forced ZINARA to seek partners to reduce queues. You can now also top up your ZINARA toll card via ZIPIT:

ZINARA bets on the NMB tap card to reduce toll congestion

EcoCash toll

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money operator EcoCash has a dedicated toll payment system that you can fund a few hours before you leave.

“Travel safely at Easter and pre-finance your Zinara Toll barrier count on EcoCash at least 2 hours before your trip to obtain express passage at any tollgate Dial * 151 * 2 * 7 * 3 # and first register your vehicle’s registration number before prepaying on your account »

Mobile money and sweeping

This should be your absolute last resort, as a good number of toll booths are in areas without adequate network coverage. Using swipe or your EcoCash, OneMoney, or Telecash wallet as your primary will give you headaches all the way to your destination. These methods should only be a backup.

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