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Pitt County Family Auction Showcases 50 Year Old Americana Automobile Collection | Local news

Pieces from the past picked up by a Pitt County man after more than 50 years of travel are vying to help a family manage the enormous size of their collection.

The live, online auction event begins at 10 a.m. today on NC 4, across from Rock Springs Center. The collector has put together a line of automobiles, novelties and other parts from Americana that the family must downsize as he ages.

“Much of the collection comes from eastern North Carolina and the east coast,” said Sunny Hammons, the daughter of the collection’s owner. “He also did a few pickups in the north and a bit in the Midwest and the Texas area.”

Hammons asked her father to remain anonymous, but said he grew up on a farm outside of Falkland on NC 43. She said he was a fan of Ford cars and memorabilia.

Up for auction, several Mustangs, including a 1972 Mustang convertible, and cars of other makes and models.

“He was a Ford lover,” Hammons said. “He really liked his Mustangs. Anything that was a little unique or unusual, he really had an eye for. Not strange things but unique things that you don’t see every day.

Old cars lined the driveway from 4082 NC 43 home on Friday and a huge collection of other cars, toys, farm implements, signage and more. An advertisement in The Daily Reflector listed rare finds like four Cushman scooters, pedal cars, two children’s barber chairs, a full-rimmed bear and “who knows what else”.

Bradley’s Auctions also conducts online auctions for many items. The auction will be simultaneous with the live auction at www.hibid.com.

Hammons said his father’s penchant for rare items came through during the holidays and was a big part of his childhood.

“I grew up with it all,” Hammons said. “His idea of ​​a good weekend was to go to a car show or maybe an antique mall, thrift store or flea market. It was his passion. Sometimes we would be on vacation and had to go to local stores because you never knew what you would find.

“In Pennsylvania, where a lot of the vintage car community knows about some shows specifically in Carlisle and Hershey, my mom and dad would go to the show in Hershey,” she said. “I lived in Texas and my parents were going out and there were several places we went. There is a really big flea market, an antique fair in Canton, TX, and we were visiting there. Everywhere we went, we checked them.

The social aspect of collecting vintage products is not lost on the family.

“Dad never met a stranger,” Hammons said. “He’s a very outgoing and outgoing person who definitely knows his stuff. He has a lot of knowledge about all these pieces over 50 years of collection.

“A lot of people who know my dad in this area or who travel 43 most of their lives tell us they remember they were kids or teenagers, it was really cool to see these things there. I have a lot of nice people who stop by with memorabilia of him and his plays in the yard or at shows.

The auction is organized by Bradley’s Auction in Salemburg.

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