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Tomi Lahren tears up Pete Buttigieg for suggesting buying electric cars to avoid high gas prices

In his commentary “Final Thoughts”, Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren scammed Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for seriously recommending rural Americans be hit by spikes in gas prices as White House clamps down on household power generation to spend twice as much on electric vehicles to avoid the pinch of gasoline.

“In Brandon Biden’s America, if you can’t afford luxury items or are just bored, loot,” she said, pointing to crowds of people in cities ruled by the Democrats fighting their way into high-end retailers to loot merchandise.

“And in Mayor Pete’s America, if you can’t afford the price of gasoline, just get an electric car that costs twice as much,” she added.

President Joe Biden laughs as he waves to people after talking about his infrastructure plan and national agenda during a visit to the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton, Pa. On Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (AP Photo / Susan Walsh )
(AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

“Fuel prices hit a 7-year high with the average price per gallon of regular fuel at 3.39 cents and over $ 4. In California, that figure is even higher with regular fuel at an average of 4. , $ 70 and up, what is it? It’ll cost you over $ 5 a gallon. “

Lahren said residents of states like California can thank the Democrats they elected to state office for the highest national gasoline tax and restrictive energy policies that have driven prices up before. the recent inflation crisis.

California’s gas tax and combined fee of 67 cents are the highest in the country, followed by Illinois and Pennsylvania – all states with Democratic governors in Gavin Newsom, JB Pritzker and Thomas Wolf, respectively.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaks during the daily White House briefing in Washington on Monday, November 8, 2021 (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg speaks during the daily White House briefing in Washington on Monday, November 8, 2021 (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)
(AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

In contrast, the Republican-led states of Alaska, Missouri, and Mississippi all have gasoline taxes and charges below 20 cents per gallon.

“Fear not, Americans! Your sadly unqualified former mayor of South Bend, Indiana turned failed presidential candidate and absent transportation secretary under Sleepy Joe-Brandon Biden has a practical solution for you,” he said. added Lahren.


“If you don’t like high gasoline prices, you can just shell out twice as much for an electric vehicle and voila, you never have to worry about government failing energy policies again. Democrats, “she said, noting Buttigieg’s recent remarks:

“The people who benefit the most from owning an electric vehicle are often the rural residents who have the longest distances to travel. They are the ones who use the most gasoline,” Buttigieg said. are lower incomes. They would therefore gain the most from having this vehicle. “

“These money-saving tips are priceless in that you really can’t put a price or limit on liberal stupidity,” Lahren replied.

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