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Souvenirs from the KCVI auctioned

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For a high school founded in 1792 and in one location from 1892 to 2020, there were a lot of items to move, throw away, give away, sell or keep for the new school.

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This is what the staff at Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute had to contend with when students and staff left their Frontenac Street location last December and moved to their new location, Kingston High School on Kirkpatrick Street.

Now, some items collected over the 228-year history of the school are available at an online auction.

A view of items available from the Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute for an online fundraising auction via Maxsold on Thursday. jpg, KI

The school’s Legacy Project committee hired two museum professionals to complete a comprehensive inventory of school supplies, said Steve Hedderson, deputy superintendent of education at the Limestone District School Board and supervisor of the High School of Kingston, in an email.

“Several items have been donated to the Archives of Queen’s University and to various museums and libraries at the local, provincial and federal levels. The Queen’s Archives took a number of items and a number of other items of historical value were transferred to Kingston High School, ”Hedderson wrote.

After the articles were distributed, other articles remained and a volunteer subcommittee was formed to donate the articles to former staff, students, and others who might find sentimental value in the articles.

The committee launched an online charity auction through Maxsold that would benefit the Kingston Secondary School Legacy Fund, which supports scholarships and scholarships.

Items available include framed compact discs of The Tragically Hip (band members frequented the KCVI), hallway signage, artwork and paintings, numerous yearbooks dating back to the 1940s, flags , wooden gymnasium benches, various trophies, composite photos of different graduating classes, a variety of sportswear and vintage photos of sports teams and KCVI theater clubs.

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Clothing from theatrical productions was donated to YGK Thrift, a new consignment store to benefit Almost Home.

“Certainly, there are still strong emotions about the closure of KCVI. The Legacy Project committee was very attentive to the historical elements that could be transferred to KSS while still allowing the new school to leave its own mark and begin to create its own history, ”Hedderson wrote.

“Some of these items have already been installed and more will be placed in the coming months.”

A Legacy Wall project is also underway. It will feature the history of both schools, including a timeline, photographs and milestones leading up to the founding of Kingston High School. The memory panels will be installed in the new school in 2022.

To see what’s available, go online at

The auction will end on December 8.

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Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute at 235 Frontenac Street
Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute at 235 Frontenac Street Photo by Steph Croisier /The Whig-Standard

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