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Confiserie Basilei Cape Town

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Located in Cape Town and founded in September 2016, Basilei offers a range of luxury confectionery items that will satisfy any sweet tooth lover, from decadent fudges to baked goods and more.

Founded by the duo of siblings Istvan and Marcos Jordaan, Basilei is a true ode to their father’s talents and confectionery craftsmanship that inspired the creation of the company.

In an interview with Eat Out, Istvan Jordaan explains that his childhood experiences paved the way for the creation of a much loved candy store.

“Although Basilei was only launched in September 2016, its true origins can be traced back to the start of the new millennium. It was then that my father decided to mature his craft as a craftsman. He has developed countless exciting recipes and products. Naturally my brother and I, being just kids at the time, ended up in the kitchen, helping out where we could and eventually learning the trade on our own. More than a decade later, we decided to bring these childhood delicacies to the world. Basilei’s design is therefore a marriage of heritage and love for great products.

As well-traveled individuals, having resided in Sydney for five years, the founders of Basilei merged their father’s love and talent for confectionery items with a global standard of quality and excellence for themselves. ensuring that every product is made with the utmost care and love.

“Our inspiration is our father’s profession and his dedication to producing work of which he is proud,” adds Istvan.

A decadent range of products

Early in their business, Basilei began their confectionery journey with the creation of their iconic and highly regarded American-style fudges, then expanded to include other products such as dark chocolate cream cheese brownies. , milk marshmallows and more.

Istvan explains that starting the business with the creation of fudges laid the groundwork for new sweet treat products.

“We started with American style fudges. The unparalleled experience of sugar, heat and marble gave my father the courage to venture into the world of nougat, mauves and caramel bars. There seems to be cross-pollination of theory and execution with many products, which is why we are slowly but steadily adding more flavors and product categories to our offering.

Basilei’s most popular item is traditional butter fudge while Istvan shares that his favorite product is butterscotch bars.

“I love Caramel Bars, just because of the hard work that goes into them. My father and I did a three-day workshop in the South of France in 2018, where we were first exposed to the French caramel recipe. We tried to make our own version of it, but ended up putting it on hold because the quality of the product we were looking for was slipping away time and time again. At the beginning of this year, the day after the second confinement, my old man decided to reconnect with the historical precipice of failure, this time with increased wisdom and patience. In no time we had a product we were proud of. Whenever I see the team do another batch, I can’t help but see it as the ultimate triumph of persistence.

Basilei has a cafe located in Paardevlei and the products can be purchased in store or ordered online.

“Love for something sweet seems to run deep in the collective psyche of South Africans. We are inspired by what is and has been, and just love to place a new designer garment in it, while infusing the products with the quality that comes from slow, artisanal methods, ”concludes Istvan.

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