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Packaging innovations and luxury packaging London 2021

Show launches

With the majority of the 180 exhibitors planning to launch new products and services live at the show, this is the most innovative edition to date. For example:

  • Delga Press will present its new digital laser cutting technology
  • Leonhard Kurz will present Dreamcomposer, his innovative software that allows the creation of multiple designs, producing 4k rendering, photorealistic results
  • GMG will launch its Pantone Licensed Color Guide – ColorBook. If a color is out of range, the new software will read the color combinations to provide accurate solutions
  • KAPAG Board and Paper will unveil Oppboga resilience plus, its water-resistant cardboard that can withstand wet environments
  • Valmatic to launch Paperdose its single-use recyclable packaging designed to reduce waste to landfill
  • Sampling Innovations will launch Ticket Scent, a container designed to help consumers easily test new beauty products
  • MagVision will launch MagID, a patented marking technology that allows secret and serialized codes to be applied to packaging
  • Capardoni will present HILO 50, a combination of jars and lids made from 90% recycled glass
  • Monro will showcase its new plastic tubes made from marine litter
  • Croxsons will present its new collection of glass bottles, from sustainable sources
  • Favini will present its new range of paper, “Crush”, developed from a range of natural and biodegradable ingredients, including cocoa shells and seaweed.
  • Lessebo Paper will launch a new range of embossing patterns, giving the paper a more luxurious feel
  • Cole Fabrics will unveil its sustainable ribbons including a Tencel version made from eucalyptus and spruce
  • Natupharma will showcase its newest patent-pending eco-friendly packaging, Green Plastic, which is made from sugarcane, CO2 neutral and fully biodegradable
  • Organoid will publish its natural hop surface on gold foil that retains its natural scent and texture and can be used to create tactile packaging for the high end market
  • Knoll will present KnollLuxe, a premium card platform that offers a recyclable alternative to plastic-based platforms
  • Aegg will showcase its extensive portfolio of glass bottles and jars, all of which are fully reusable and recyclable

Innovation in the spotlight

Visitors to the show will also be able to see a number of the show’s innovations and technologies more specific to their organizational needs. These include:

  • Label Form will present its range of labels, produced in accordance with the Prismm Zero Foil 2 Landfill Scheme
  • Futamura will present its renewable and biodegradable packaging films, NatureFlex, acting as an effective barrier against gases, humidity and aromas
  • Bisong will present its range of sustainable sachets, containing natural substances such as bio-cotton, rayon and viscose
  • New Vision Packaging will promote its packaging partner references
  • Terra Firma will showcase its ability to help businesses create unique packaging that showcases their brand and makes their products stand out on the shelf

Along with the crowded showroom, Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging London will host an organized seminar program, featuring experts offering hands-on advice on major topics affecting the industry. The £ 10bn debate will also take place at the end of the first day, during which opinion leaders will discuss new regulations, including extended producer responsibility, the deposit system and consistency of management. garbage.

Renan Joel, Easyfairs Division Manager, said: “Innovation remains the beating heart of the show and we are delighted to see so many exhibitors using the event as a platform to launch their latest technologies and developments. We offer sustainable solutions, new materials and high precision printing and labeling technology, ensuring there is something for everyone. I can’t wait for the show to open to see these innovations firsthand.

Packaging innovations and luxury packaging London will take place in Olympia on December 1 and 2.

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