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Three revolvers from QPD history up for auction | Story


QUINCY – Three pieces of Quincy’s story will be auctioned off next month, and interest has shown that there is no limit to where these pieces could end up.

Will Sullivan Auction will offer three of the rare Colt “Quincy Police Version” revolvers that were ordered by the Quincy Police Department in 1877. The converted Type 5 revolvers have been modified to include a loading door, a feature that has been introduced. not found on any other Colt Type-5 Revolver.

Of the 24 revolvers ordered, only seven still exist. The auction will feature three of these seven, from the collection of a local private owner who purchased three from Will Sullivan Auction in 2019, when they were sold from a collection in Chicago. In addition to the three revolvers on sale, a fourth from the collection is donated to the Quincy Museum so that at least one of these rarities remains local and accessible to the public.

Will Sullivan said that a difference between this sale and previous offers is that Internet auction participation has changed significantly over the past two years. The auction already has more than 10,000 bidders registered for the December 11 sale.

“I have already received several calls from Colt Collectors regarding these weapons,” Sullivan said. “No one, so far, has been local. In fact, three were not even in the United States.

Each of the pistols is factory marked with the engraved notation “QUINCY POLICE NO.” and the respective number of 24 that have been ordered. The three that will be auctioned are numbers 16, 18 and 21.

“Just like the last time these guns were sold, there is no reserve price and they will sell regardless of the highest bid,” Sullivan noted.

The three revolvers sold – separately, not as a collection – each come with a different part to match with the pistol itself. Revolver 16 comes with a worn leather holster, number 18 comes with a small badge tag, and number 21 comes with a Quincy Police Department badge from this period.

“This is a great opportunity for a private collector to own a piece of documented history rather than having it disappear from Quincy’s history forever,” said Sullivan.

The fourth revolver in the collection, number 17 of 24, is in somewhat rougher condition than the three sold, according to Will Sullivan Auction.

“This pistol does not have the original loading door,” said Sullivan, “but still retains all of the original markings and functions properly.”

The donation to the Quincy Museum will take place on December 1 at noon. After the presentation, the revolver will be on display to the public during normal museum hours.

“Having a piece of Quincy history like this ‘Quincy Police’ revolver in our Quincy museum is such an asset to our local community,” said Sullivan. “The anonymous donor wanted to make sure that a piece of history remains in our community for the benefit of generations to come.”

Sullivan said he hopes someone from the area can buy at least one of the three guns that are being auctioned.

“I hope that once the locals realize that if they are bought outside the region, they are unlikely to come back. For them, ordering Colt revolvers was certainly a big deal back then, as it would be today. I think you don’t have to be a gun enthusiast to appreciate the importance of these guns.

“This is a great opportunity for a private collector to own a piece of documented history rather than having it disappear from Quincy’s history forever,” he added.

Will Sullivan Auction Company specializes in firearms and military items, especially those of historical significance. For more information on the auction which ends on December 11, please visit


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