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Luxury vehicles, $ 16,000 in cash seized as part of investigation into three Malaysian corruption breakers, SE Asia News & Top Stories

KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR / ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Investigators discovered several luxury vehicles and RM50,000 (S $ 16,000) in cash at a city hotel during an investigation of three Malaysian Commission officers anti-corruption (MACC).

The investigation is linked to the loss of articles from the case in the amount of US $ 6 million (S $ 8.1 million).

The money and vehicles are believed to belong to one of the three MACC operatives, who were arrested by corruption breakers and remanded in custody from September 14 to 19, sources told a Malaysian daily.

“The vehicles were found in the hotel parking lot and the MACC is checking its documentation to discover the origin of the vehicles.

“The MACC is also verifying whether the RM50,000 money is part of the US $ 6 million belonging to former Malaysian Foreign Intelligence Organization chief Hasanah Ab Hamid,” sources told Utusan Malaysia.

One of the arrested officers also owned a high-powered motorcycle and lived in a luxury home, the sources said.

“All the assets and financial records of the three officers are being reviewed,” sources said.

On Monday, September 20, the MACC released a statement saying three of its agents had been arrested for participating in investigations into allegations of abuse of power and misconduct in a case involving a “former senior official who was fired but not acquitted by the court “.

The commission said a full investigation was underway.

The officers are under investigation into the embezzlement of $ 6 million seized at Hasanah. In April, Hasanah was granted a discharge that did not amount to an acquittal by the High Court for criminal breach of trust involving R50.4 million of public funds.

The case was withdrawn following a new development.

The MACC statement follows reports that Hasanah attempted to recover the seized money, but found part of it missing and replaced with counterfeit banknotes.

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