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Lansing man’s grave found after 146 years

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Peter Weller has passed away at the age of 48, best remembered as a pioneer in Lansing who operated a restaurant along the Grand River in an area then called “Upper Town”.

Friends of Lansing Historic Cemeteries helped recover Weller’s monument. They said the monument was gone in 1875 when it was moved from the town’s Oak Park Cemetery to Mount Hope Cemetery in Lansing.

“It was probably just one of those unfortunate things that happen when you move almost 2,000 bodies and the monuments and markers that go with them and something got lost during the transition,” said Loretta, president. historic cemeteries of the Friends of Lansing. Stanaway.

“Where was he for those 146 years in between, we really don’t know,” Stanaway said.

What they do know is that an Okemos family had the marble monument at one point.

“The auctioneer who put it on their site said the family who had it didn’t remember how they got it or when they got it, they used it to make fudge,” Stanaway said.

From there it ended up on an online auction where a Californian man discovered it.

“It’s been over 6 months now and I found it at a local auction house,” Walter Anderson said. has been.”

Friends of Lansing’s historic cemeteries therefore contacted the man who ran the auction to retrieve the monument. “He was very kind and generous as soon as he heard about the history and what was going on and it was a real monument that belonged to a grave, [so] he took it off the website and said we were just going to donate it, ”Stanaway said.

“I thought it was a fabulous thing, it’s really nice to try to reconnect him, I felt really good, he was an important person in the city,” said Anderson.

Stanaway said there were no surviving family members, so they got permission from the city to put the monument back in its place.

The missing monument will be properly restored at Wellers’ grave on Saturday and Sunday.

Additionally, monuments to Wellers, other family members, will be cleaned up and restored, including the gravestone of Wellers’ daughter which was found broken and a few inches below the earth on the grave.

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