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Rolex watch sold for $ 6,600 at SAPD auction


Several pairs of Yeezys and Air Jordan sneakers, as well as bags and wallets from Gucci, Prada and Michael Kors, were among the items sold at the San Antonio Police Department’s asset seizure auction on Tuesday.

More than 100 items have been listed for the police department’s first auction since the start of the pandemic. The auction took place at VFW Post 9186 on 650 E. White.

A gold-colored Rolex watch sold for $ 6,600 at auction. The brand typically sells new watches for between $ 2,000 and $ 40,000. A used Louis Vuitton handbag sold for $ 1,650.

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Sgt. James Smith said many gold jewelry has been auctioned for high prices, but noted that SAPD does not verify the validity of branded items and jewelry.

Eddy Martinez, a 21-year-old who lives in San Antonio, attended the auction and said it was the busiest she had ever seen.

“When I got there the building was already almost at full capacity, and I think the capacity was around 300 or 400 people,” Martinez said. “There were maybe a hundred people outside, but only a small number were allowed in and the rest were turned away.”

Martinez didn’t buy anything that day because the items were going at high prices, which she credits to those who previously owned them. She wanted to buy a handbag that could have belonged to a convicted thief.

“I think the fact that these items belonged to criminals is what puzzles buyers,” Martinez said.

Martinez’s TikTok auction video received over 600,000 views.


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“I was surprised by the attention and the comments, I thought a lot of people already knew this auction was one thing,” she said.

The money from the auction goes to SAPD and the Bexar County Prosecutor’s Office to be used for law enforcement purposes, such as training and materials.

To stay up to date on the next auction, visit SAPD website. Smith said the next auction will take place in September.

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