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Preview items now in the next big radio auction

The next Big Radio Auction starts this Monday (07/26/2021) at 7:00 a.m. and lasts until 7:00 p.m. Saturday evening (07/31/2021). Once again, the auction will be online for your convenience. Like last time around, we’ll be teaming up with our parent company’s auction site called Seize the Deal.

The way the online auction works is that we pre-price many of our most popular items, so rather than waiting for the sold bell to ring, you can just go ahead and buy them right away with our “Buy it now” option. We will continue to take auctions on larger items, but just like previous online auctions, this auction takes place over six days. The great part about it is, just like Ebay, you can enter your maximum bid at any time during the week, and if someone outbids you, your bids will be placed automatically in predetermined increments, up to your maximum bid, or lower if not. This means that you will be able to place your bid once and forget about it, and you do not need to be present at the end of the auction. You will have to pay for the items online and the certificates will be mailed to you. , without local pickup.

So get ready for this summer’s big radio auction which starts this Monday at 7 a.m. and runs until 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 31.

You can preview the items right now.

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