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WELLSBURG – The Brooke County School Board has approved the sale of a double-width trailer formerly used by the school district’s Alternative Learning Center and the small lot at State Route 2 and 26th Street on which she is.

On Monday, the board accepted an offer of $ 100,000 submitted by local real estate developer Brian Tennant at a public auction held at the site on July 6.

After the auction, Tennant said he did not have specific plans for the property, but would not pursue any development that devalues ​​adjacent residential properties because he owns a home there himself.

The bid of $ 100,000 was the lowest for the building and land after the board failed to receive a minimum bid of $ 400,000 set for a previous auction.

Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Crook said the board is expected to close the sale in the near future.

In other cases, the board has agreed to accept public comment on the use of federal pandemic relief funds to be allocated to the school district through its website at www.brooke.k12.wv .us.

Crook said the district is expected to receive $ 5.8 million, which could be used for the recovery of learning, innovation, health and safety and infrastructure.

He said examples of its use include replacing aging ventilation systems and using various means of sanitation to deter the spread of the coronavirus and providing additional instruction to students who missed individual instruction during the closure of schools.

Crook said the latter could include after-school tutoring or a summer school.

About 150 youth recently completed the district’s summer school program, which was funded by a $ 78,000 state grant and other state and federal funds.

Crook said attendees included high school students making up for lost credits and children whose parents were looking to boost their math or reading skills.

“This is something that we think we should continue to offer for catching up and enrichment” he said.

Crook said the summer school went beyond classroom instruction, as staff involved young people in various activities with the help of mentors employed by West Virginia University’s Energy Express summer reading program. Extension Service.

The council has also adapted its policy for calculating the classification of classes to comply with that of the State. Crook said the move would result in the determination of the ranking of high school senior class members and other students at the end of the first semester of the current school year.

He said that currently, the determination of the ranking of majors or salutators of a class and other classes comes only four and a half weeks before the end of the last semester of seniors.

The board also approved the following purchases:

Virtual school programs for elementary and high school students from EdOptions Academy and Calvert Learning, respectively, for a total of $ 60,000.

Twelve interactive whiteboards for Zones LLC’s special education program for $ 45,596.

Fencing for Valley Fence high school tennis courts for $ 103,520 and for Pro Fence softball and baseball fields for $ 88,000.

A ride-on tractor from EH Griffith Inc. for $ 29,704 and a scrubber-dryer from DH Bertenthal for $ 6,341.

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