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Huron Plainsman | Man reports footage on city surplus auction cameras


HURON – A Brookings resident told a local television station that he was shocked by what he saw on some items purchased at an online auction. According to a Dakota News Now article released earlier this week, Tim Caya said he purchased cameras at the City of Huron’s online surplus auction, which took place in May.

Caya said that looking at the cameras internal memory, he found disturbing footage of pre-Huron crimes still stored in that internal memory. Using dates from internal memory, Caya said he dated the images between 2006 and 2018.

“I hope they can get some answers as to why they were sold to the public. I would be horrified, ”Caya told Dakota News Now.

The Beadle County State Attorney’s Office was made aware and posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

“The Beadle County State Attorney’s Office is aware of the situation that has arisen with the Huron Police Department and the auction of used cameras at the Huron Police Department. The cameras sold were from the years 2006-2018. These cameras contained footage, some of which were photos of past crimes.

We are working with the City of Huron and the Police Department on the situation. If you believe you have been affected by the case, please contact the Beadle County State Attorney’s Office, Victims and Witnesses Coordinator by email at [email protected]”


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