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Märklin announces model train inspired by Keith Haring

Founded in 1859, the German toy company Märklin has long been synonymous with high-quality toys that lie at the heart of form and function. They have been at the forefront, developing innovative technologies and paving the way for a fully digital model train system. So it makes sense that their design sensibility also continues. Enter: the Märklin Message Wagons, a series of iconic train cars inspired by artists, their work and their values.

Märklin launches the series with a style inspired by Keith Haring, a luminary of the 1980s New York art scene. Haring emerged from the graffiti subculture in downtown New York with an instantly recognizable style that highlights features cutout characters and animals. Although seemingly playful, much of his work had a political bent, and he used his art to speak out against homophobia and drug use as well as to promote safe sex during the height of the AIDS epidemic. AIDS.

Haring’s work, in particular, helped broaden the idea of ​​place and what a canvas could be. Art, like a railway, crosses time and space. Märklin, as a leader and constant innovator in his field, found inspiration in the artist. It seems entirely appropriate that the brand has harnessed this legend to launch the series.

The set comes with a personalized box decorated in Haring’s signature style, a certificate of authentication, an artist biography and, of course, the miniature train. Haring’s train is bright red and sports a central message to his work, “Art is for everyone,” on the side.

The graphic effect of the boxes and the striking coloring are sure to refresh a toy shelf, or any shelf for that matter.

Discover the new Märklin message wagons here.

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