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Rochester residents take a look at the reconstruction of the Corn Cob Tower

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – Olmsted County has allocated millions of dollars for a Rochester Corn Cob Tower restoration project. It is scheduled to end on July 1.

“It’s something very special. Nowhere else is there a corn tower, a giant corn tower in the middle of the city,” said Tiffany Alexandria, blogger and artist.

“I couldn’t be happier that it has been restored,” said John Kreusel, owner of John Kruesel’s General Merchandise & Auction Company.

Alexandria believed the tower encapsulated the city well and used it in her artwork to send it home to family and friends.

“I struggled to find souvenirs and items that I could send to my friend who represents Rochester, so I started to research what Rochester is and what could represent Rochester, and so I imagined the Corn Tower, ”said Alexandria.

Kreusel is happy to see him stay and thinks he should be considered a landmark because of his rich history.

“You don’t move a landmark, because then it doesn’t become a landmark anymore, and that’s what the discussion that followed was. And so, I would say in the wisdom of the county commissioners, the tower corn will be left where it is, ”says Kreusel.

Both people agree that the tower is an important aspect of Rochester and should be treated as such.

“If you’re going to move it, then tear it down, because that will really make a statement about this community and what is dear to it and what is not dear to it,” Kreusel said.

“Mayo has some historic and beautiful buildings, and I love them, but what else is there? We’re not just the Mayo Clinic,” Alexandria said.

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