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Luxury fashion boutique, Elevate Concept launches its own brand of clothing and jewelry, Elevate Concept Club

Luxury online store, Elevate Concept recently announced the creation of its own brand of clothing, jewelry and accessories, ‘Elevation Concept Club. ‘ The brand was created following the partnership between the high-end jewelry brand ‘Etoile Filante’ and the success of the limited products of the Elevate Concept Store. Elevate Concept offers some of the rarest and most unique items available anywhere in the world. With an incomparable collection of luxury and bespoke watches, jewelry, rarely seen art pieces and home accessories, the platform offers a seamless online shopping experience with a dedicated sales team.

After expressing interest in partnering with luxury jewelry and clothing brand Etoile Filante, the two companies agreed to move forward with the Elevate Concept Club brand, replacing the Etoile Filante brand. As a result, all of the Etoile Filante’s existing inventory and designs are now part of the Elevate Concept Club brand, and subsequent production will be sold under the new name. Depending on the mindset of the original brand, production of any design offered for sale is extremely limited, often under 50 pieces, using only the highest quality materials. Current products include, but are not limited to, luxury crocodile skin hats, hand finished belt buckles, hand engraved bracelets and 18 karat gold and white diamond bracelets.

“Elevate Concept Club is the result of a creative mindset and cutting edge manufacturing. A statement describing the new brand. “The observed production quality of the Etoile Filante brand is one of the best we have seen,” said Jordan, CEO of Elevate Concept. He continues: “We saw an opportunity to create our own brand, started discussing possible opportunities between Etoile Filante and Elevate Concept, and finally came to an agreement”. “We are focused on growing both the store and the brand, without prioritizing one or the other. Therefore, Elevate Concept Club is exclusively available at Elevate Concept at the moment, but we do not rule out working with other retailers in the future. ”

The inspiration behind the Club came directly from customers, as shopping at Elevate means customers are now part of a limited group of people who own a rare or unique item typically not available in mainstream fashion stores. It’s also because the brand is focused on providing a selection of items not found elsewhere. According to Jordan, ‘Our customers understand the concept, and we are told very often that they have never seen this before when talking about our products.’ At Elevate Concept, they believe their designs are an expression of what they and their customers relate to in everyday life and inspiration comes from what they see, touch and smell.

Thus, the Elevate Concept Club’s jewelry lines are made up of solid 18-karat gold, 925 silver, grade 5 titanium, hand-engraved and / or diamond bracelets, pendants, belt buckles and other fashion accessories. Elevate Concept Club’s clothing selection includes limited edition t-shirts, hoodies, hats, bags and more accessories. The brand ensures that all of their products are made with premium materials. In the future, Elevate Concept Club will occasionally create unique pieces or personalize another item of the brand and make it unique. These unique pieces will never be reproduced. The Elevate Concept Club, however, promises to stay within the concept; Limited, exclusive, high end, high.

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