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Luxury fashion boutique, Elevate Concept launches its own brand of clothing and jewelry, Elevate Concept Club

Luxury online store, Elevate Concept recently announced the creation of its own brand of clothing, jewelry and accessories, ‘Elevation Concept Club. ‘ The brand was created following the partnership between the high-end jewelry brand ‘Etoile Filante’ and the success of the limited products of the Elevate Concept Store. Elevate Concept offers some of the rarest and most unique items available anywhere in the world. With an incomparable collection of luxury and bespoke watches, jewelry, rarely seen art pieces and home accessories, the platform offers a seamless online shopping experience with…

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Local auction 

Meriden officials want bankruptcy investigation that thwarted foreclosure auction

MERIDEN – The city is asking a bankruptcy court to allow it to investigate the 11th hour formation of a limited liability partnership that ended a planned foreclosure auction of two Colony Street buildings. A city-hired bankruptcy attorney called the move a deliberate attempt to “derail” the auction and asked a federal bankruptcy court in New York to allow it to conduct a 2004 rule review, in reviewing several claims made by CBD & Sons LTD and CBD Colony Street LLC. City officials have said their goal is to move…

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New Hampshire surplus auction has something for everyone, but no more frozen traffic accidents

Used school buses are for sale. CONCORD, NH – You can get just about anything you want at the New Hampshire State Surplus Auction, which takes place live and in person on Saturday, June 26 at White Farm. There are used guns, kayaks, motorcycles and school buses, vacuums, dust collectors and hospital wheelchairs on the auction block at 144 Clinton St. in Concord, but unfortunately this year, more road victims. Governor Chris Sununu and the Executive Council were recently informed of the upcoming annual auction which brings in several thousand…

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Waters of Abraham | Obituaries | Ada’s news

The Waters of Abraham Lincoln May 8, 2021 Abraham Lincoln Waters, 59, formerly of Lawrence, Kansas, died on May 8, 2021 at his home in Reno, NV. Private funeral services have been held at Rosedale Cemetery in Ada, OK., Where Abe will be buried. Abe is survived by his father, Earl Waters, of Ada, OK. Abe was predeceased by his two brothers, Joshua Wayne Waters and Jacob York Waters, and his mother Dee Anne Waters. Abe graduated from Lawrence KS High School in 1880 and attended the University of Kansas…

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